Let’s talk about One Night Stand.

Everyone is so into one night stand nowadays. It’s like a ritual that every after a wild party, you should have someone you could take home and make out with. Not even “make love with”. Three of the possible reasons why they’re so into it are the following: They just want to do it to be famous and be tagged as the “fuck boys and fuck girls of all seasons”. They want to do it because they’re drunk as fuck and got no choice and the “I-am-the-horny-soul got into them. They want to do it because they’re having fun making out with random strangers without having any label.

Fuck boys and Fuck girls are so popular and we can’t really deny that. If you’re feeling horny and want to release some hormones, just text “John” or “JM” or “Carla” or “Hana”. PS. I’m not referring to a particular person but these are the common names. Right? Lol. Unless you’re thinking of someone right now. They’re the type who will fuck someone who is well-known for the sake of popularity. “I fucked the president’s daughter/son first!” Of course, everyone will be impressed. Most of these people are good-looking, rich kids and would do anything to go fuck the shit out of you and speaking of fucking… they fuck hella great! They’re the masters in the bedroom.

ONS is crucial – especially with those people who are only doing it because they’re drunk and not really into this thing. Let’s just call them the “sensitive ones”. These people are the sweetest, clingiest and “innocent” (in the outside appearance but naughty when alone — or with someone). You would love to have sex with them because it seems like you have known them for a long time. Kissing your ear, saying your name, being the sweetest while both of you are doing the ritual and last but not the least, they cuddle with you after having sex.

All of those things are major NO-NO! Love is not something that could develop in just one night especially with a total stranger you just met at the club -drunk-. The major rule is after you had sex, go home, forget about what happened and look for a new lover. However, it doesn’t happen with the “sensitive ones”. They tend to cling with the person they had sex with and think that it will work out for the both of them. Some cases might be like that but NOT ALL THE DAMN TIME!

The only thing you don’t want to happen if you’re into ONS is to fall in love with your ONS partner. One night is enough and you need not to expect something deeper aside from sex. YES! It’s all about sex baby! Don’t expect forever in a one night kissing and cuddling and licking, etc. NEVER! Like what the hell? This is not a fairytale kinda world. Well, I might consider you’re feeling but you can never guarantee the loyalty of your partner if both of you goes in a relationship. That’s a total obvious stupidity, mi amigo!

Lastly, the “let’s just fuck” people. No label. Just sex. That’s it!

One night stand will always be trendy and that’s the reality. You can never tell someone to stop doing it because they might get sick or karma might slap them or they would never be happy, etc… WHO THE HELL CARES? That’s their V and P. That’s their life and THAT’S THEIR LOVELIFE! With regards to the sensitive ones, that’s fine just never ever fall in love for goddamn’s sake. For the famous wannabes, IDGAF! For the peeps who are just making out because they don’t want any label? Cheers!


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