The Shitty Ones

“Do you want to get married?”

“Do you want to have kids?”

“Do you have plans in the future?”

“What’s wrong with your life?”

These are some of the questions most of us young adults get especially to those shitty ones. Why the hell do these people care about our plans in life? Why do they keep on asking things that even ourselves don’t have any idea what’s the answer? Are they excited for us? Or do they want to know so they can prepare for their lost? Or maybe compete with us? Or maybe laugh at us?

Let me start by saying YES! We have plans. We want to have our own family, our own house and our own business just like everyone else. So before you start judging someone, better read this for you to be enlightened as well.

The moment you will step out from college or from your parents’ house, reality will hit you so damn hard and whether you admit it or not, you’re somehow scared on how you’re gonna act (with the “real world pros”) or how life goes in the real world. You’re now a professional piece of shit who is working for his/her survival aka not to be flushed in the toilet.

First job. First salary. First crazy things. If you have your own clothing line, you’re going to name it as “OH?! So, that’s how it works? I didn’t know that.” -maybe because you had a curfew or you had assignments or your parents are just strict- because everything seems new to you, my ignorant shitty friend. Are you smiling right now? Just admit it!

My personal favorite is meeting new people. Some are shitty as hell and some are just epic… like in a good way. However, it doesn’t really matter. As long as I benefit from both parties then I’m good. Wink*

It will always come to a point where we are all going to breakdown. Not because of heartaches -for some, maybe- but because of the pressure we are feeling every damn day. We want everything to be perfect. We want to compete -two things: to let others feel great about us… or to make them feel like a big loser-. We want to meet the right person for us because we know the fact that we have no time for playing games anymore. I mean, we’re getting old. 21? 22? 23? That’s fucking old. At least for me.

Three reasons why you’re feeling pressured are: Your friends are all getting married and you’re still shitty single or your bf/gf is not yet ready. You’re still shitty immature. You’re still on your shitty place after 3. 4. 5 years. I would never explain that because I am shitty confident that you all shitty know what I shitty mean. What a shitty life?

There are some things that are not really achievable in just a snap of a finger or a blink of an eye. Though we want it to happen like that but that’s not how life goes and we all know that. It will give you all these shitty trials and lost and heartaches. Trust me! I fell thousand times already and for me to feel better? I call my family and vent to them like a little bitch. PS. You always have your family so never forget about them when the real world is already eating you.

Back to it! We have plans. We might be a pain in the ass but we really do have plans. We dream about achieving these plans. Have a better life together with our future partners in life. We are currently working on it and… shit! I’m kidding. YOFUCKINGLO!


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