Wanted: Partner in Life!

Have you ever wondered why you’re still single until now? Why your friends are enjoying all the relationship goals in life? How your not-so-good-looking friends are kissing and cuddling with their loved ones. Why? Is it because you have a shitty life and no one dares to involve themselves in your world? Or you’re just enjoying being single AF!

While you’re reading this, can you remember when was the last time someone special said “I Love You” (for singles only) because if you’re gonna ask me, it was awhile ago. From my sweet loving mom. WTF? I know we all have different answers. Some might say from their parents or sisters (not sure with the Bros) or friends. How shitty, right? Just from the people who knew every shit about you. What I mean is from a special someone who you wanna fuck or have date with every night and day. Can you think of someone? No, right? Exactly! That’s the point!

Being single is not really a big thi— it is a big thing!!! Especially if you’re single for like what? Forever now? Whether you admit it or not, you miss having a serious relationship with someone you can trust your life with… or maybe your heart with. You miss receiving sweet messages every morning, dinner/fuck date, movie date very Sundays, holidays together, kisses and cuddles and oh… monthsaries and anniversaries where you receive flowers and teddy bears and chocolates and sometimes… babies! Blech! Good times for the lovers, eh? And then here are the single peeps -that’s us- getting wasted on New Year’s eve, masturbating on Valentines Day, getting wasted -again- on Christmas Day and getting wasted… and wasted… and wasted… and read my first blog (Status:Fucking)

If someone will interview you and asks “Hey? Why the fuck are you single?”. What are you going to say? Because if you’re gonna ask me? I will definitely slap the shit out of the interviewer and say “I don’t fucking know!”. Do we have the same thought? Or you have a different answer? Well, just save it for now  because I’m just kidding. If someone will seriously ask me why the fuck I’m single? I’ll say the same thing but remove the slapping part. I’m not that mean.

Anyways, I know most of us -the single ones- already wants to be in a relationship. I so know that and I’m hundred percent sure about it because even myself wants to “talk about the future like we had a clue”— Aww, how cool it is to be with someone you truly love and adore? However, we cannot really force the stupid cupids or our hearts to fall in love with someone who is really not for us. It will be pointless and worthless and shitty! So, let’s just enjoy our fucking single life and wait for our shitty partners in life who are so busy doing their shit.

PS. If you’re reading this my beloved partner, hurry up you stupid hijo de puta!


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