100th JOB

Woke up with a hangover and suddenly realized some shit and that shit is all about work. I know it’s a shitty topic but we need to shitty talk about it.

Ima begin with saying “Fuck work!”. I know all of you feels the same way and you can never ever tell me “No! I love going to work. I love everyone especially my boss.” Kiss my ass! No one will ever say that. NO FUCKING ONE -especially the shitty ones-. Most of us here have already been with different companies. Different shitty bosses. Different shitty workmates. Different shitty workplace. Lastly, different shitty positions. I don’t know what’s wrong but the word “shitty” is just shitty relaxing.

Let me ask you… Why did you leave your previous job?





I know! I don’t even know the perfect answer to that question. All I know is I woke up and suddenly realized that I don’t want it anymore and I’m already bored doing the same thing over and over again. I think I’m going to puke like a bitch if I ever see everyone’s faces again. Am I making sense here? However, we can never say that to our employers or else, WE ARE FUCKED!

Friends. Pay. Shitty Environment. Time. I believe these are the common reasons why we are leaving the shit out of our previous job. Okay, proceed reading…

Friends – Do you remember those high school days where you and your bff cut classes together and you can’t just say no because he/she is your life? He/she is your clown in the classroom and if he/she is absent, you’re feeling sick as fuck because you don’t want anyone else but just him/her. It’s almost the same shit in the real world! If they’re out, we are so damn out as well. Yeah, it’s being immature but that’s what we are… young adults. Maybe not for everyone but I don’t give a fuck. Mind your own shit!

Pay – Do I even need to explain this? You worked 8-12 hours straight and your pay is a hella what-the-fuck-pay?! I’m definitely out! We are not just talking about electricity and water bill here. How about for our shopping? Our parties? Our other shit like for fucking and drinking and for some shit that really doesn’t make sense. How about those?

Shitty Environment – Well, I don’t even want to start with this. Shitty seatmates, plastic bitches everywhere, creepy security guards, bossy bosses and a lot more. They’re all shitty that it comes to the point where you just want to punch their faces in such a good good way! I’m pretty sure, you remember something… or someone.

Time – This ones understandable. You’ve been staying with them for forever and you can’t just take it anymore. One more shift and you’ll die. 

Anyways, I don’t want to drag you all down to negativity. I mean, it’s not bad to try new stuff. If you’re not happy with your job right now, go fucking leave like a fucking boss and never show up again!




Just kidding! Try to submit a resignation letter… at least. *wink


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