Nympho’s Diary

It all started when I was 7 years old. In such a young age, I felt the need for it. I was staring at my adorable teddy bear and suddenly thought of something…

When I was 16, my first love turned my dream into reality. I’m loving it and I just can’t stop. He’s the man I want to live with forever but I can’t. He’s such a cheater…

After all the shitty relationships, reality turned into dream again. Not with teddy bears but with my sweet tiny fingers. I’m feeling the hot blood running through my veins…

After leaving, I felt that something has changed. I want to do it with anyone else. Everyone else. Is this normal? However, I’m proud to say that I don’t do it with the taken ones…

When I was 20, I wished to be an adult actor. Do it for the sake of art cause why not? Who are them to judge? 

Am I born with it? Is it a disease? Tell me how to cure it. Do I need to talk to someone who has the same thing? Tell me! Please…

I can’t fight it. I’m a slave. I’m a sucker for pain and I’m not capable of loving. I’m a psycho. I’m a maniac…

I just want to fuck.


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