Independent Ones

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Independent ones. I don’t mean those people who don’t ask money from their parents anymore but those epic ones. No they’re not love haters but they’re just shitty in love with themselves that will do anything just for them not to be in a shitty depressive situation.

What made them that way? Well, let’s just say a shitty dumbass broke their heart, play with their feelings or made them believed to something that will never fucking happen. How shitty that is, right? To make the long story short, they have learned from their past and applied it in the present time. And yes! They’ve been single for a long long time like 2 to 5 years that they don’t even believe in love anymore. Kidding! Well, maybe for some.

They are the type who don’t easily fall with sweet-coated words like “Baby, I love you. I would never leave you!” because they know it’s bullshit. You can consider them as walking lie detectors because they will totally know if your shitting on their bed and they don’t like that. You will even appreciate how careful they are on choosing who to trust their hearts with because again, they don’t want to fuck up anymore.

If you’re planning to leave the independent ones, make sure to have something new aside from walking out the door, texting them “Let’s end it!” or ignoring them. Why? It will never suprise them because they’re so used to it so maybe your shitty ass would need to at least have a surprising plan. They may cry or get hurt for a minute but trust me, they’ll get over it.

What you would love about them is that they’re the serious ones. They want their last relationship to be their last. You could consider yourself lucky if you made them fall for you. No need to think about something big because they will appreciate even the smallest things. They’re not just good in bed but also good in taking care of your heart.

Always keep in mind that the independent ones have been through bad memories. However, if you will try to get to know them, you will find out that they’re so in love with the idea of love. So, why not try to win their heart? 


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