We just want to have fun. We are not capable of love but we love the feeling of being chased by someone. We feel so important when someone else does that…

I was smoking when I felt the urge to do my favorite thing. Sex. I tried to check his account and thought of asking him out. I felt bad. Not because he has a new girlfriend. But I realized how shitty I am. I stared at their picture emotionless…

I’m crying. My heart is crying. I’m always that broken glass which can never be fixed by anything… Or by someone. I will never be good enough. I’m damaged…

I’m a slut, a hoe, a harlot, a bitch, a shitty piece of shit. Anything you can call a girl who is just into one night stand. My heart is broken. Not because of someone but because of my shitty actions…

I want love. I want be loved but I don’t know how? I already forgot how love works. What is love? Does it exist? How? Where? Help me find out…


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