13 Reasons Why (…You’re So Fucked Up)

This is not a blog about Hannah Baker, but a blog about your -our- life. 

1 BROKE AF – Some people say that money can never buy happiness, and most of us not-hypocrite people would be like “Are you fucking kidding me”? I mean ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING US? 

Who even invented that shit? Whether you admit it or not, money is happiness and that’s a fucking fact! You can never say that quote to those people who are so broke. Like so so broke that they just want to disappear.

2 SINGLE AF – Yeah, this shit is one of the reasons why you’re so fucked up as fuck. Hey, we are not getting any younger! We need someone to support our craziness, I mean us when we get old.

I know we all have the same answer… NO ONE LIKES ME. You feel it too, right? You feel like you’re the fattest, the ugliest, the stupidest, any-adjective-with-the-EST-on-their-last-part-est. It sucks! 

Well, let’s just always think of our daily personal reason why we are still single. In one…



Maybe it’s not the right time yet. Fuck!

3 SHITTY FRIENDS – “Can I trust them”? That’s the question you always ask yourself when it comes to choosing your friends. It’s shitty. Why? The ones you choose are usually the ones who leave.

It sucks! Friends are family and not just some piece of shit you’re gonna drop anywhere and this time, you’re the shit. Trust me, it hurts like hell when they starts ignoring you or leave you just because they found someone new. Fuck!

4 WHAT PLANS? – Plan is such a big word. If someone gonna ask you where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now, do you know what to say to them? Because me? Nah.

Maybe those people that are so fucked up are not really interested in planning for the future…yet. I mean, they just usually go with the flow without even thinking what’s waiting ahead of them. Whatever happens, that’s it!

5 REJECTIONS – The most fucked up thing in the world is the feeling of being rejected, like all the damn time. It could be by a person, job or anything that made you feel worthless. Why the fuck are they rejecting you?

That’s the question you always ask yourself. I know you’re good enough, we are good enough but why can’t they see that? Are they blind? Stupid? Fuck them all for thinking they are better than you.

6 BED ALL DAY – It may sound great, but dude you’re the most fucked up of all the fucked ups if you’re gonna stay all day long on your bed.

Unfortunately, it happens. You can’t think of any productive thing to do and you just want to sleep for the whole day because you know that no one or nothing is waiting for you even though you’ll get up. How cool is that?

7 ALWAYS BORED – In parties, shows, with friends or anyfuckingwhere. Yes you smile but underneath those beautiful smile is a crying heart.

Not because someone broke your heart but it’s because you know what’s gonna happen after everything. Woke up in bed with a hangover… and hello to another unproductive day. Fuck!

8 NO ONE KNOWS – You don’t want anyone to know how fucked up you are right now. You are so good in hiding it that no one seems to notice you are already dying.

Not your friends, not your parents, not anyone else. The only thing that knows what’s happening to your life? The pillow you cry on every single night. Thanks to it!

9 FEELING SO ALONE – Well, maybe this one is the most fucked up thing in the world. You feel like the world is against you… but why?

10 ANXIETY – Just think all the types of anxiety in the world and feel free to insert it (here) because you know that you have it all.

From separation anxiety to you feel like someone’s talking behind your back anxiety. This is the moment where you can say how powerful our mind is that it can even control us. Damn!

11-12-13 SUICIDAL – It’s a big big word so it got the last 3 place because it can never fit into one spot. 

All those suicide thoughts you have just because you feel like you can do it anymore, that maybe disappearing in this world is the only way to escape the pain… all the problems. 

Everything that was written here is not for everyone, and will never be for everyone. Let’s just always keep in mind that maybe today is the last day of us being so fucked up. So, why not give life another chance?

(credits to the image owner)


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