5 Shitty Signs That Your FUBU Is Already Moving On

If you are confused as fuck whether your fuck buddy is still into you or not, worry no more because here are the very obvious signs that your fubu is already moving on. Shit!

First Shitty Sign!

Hey! Let’s fuck!

Hey? Where are you?

Meet me, I’m horny!





Do I even need to explain this? Why the fuck would they fucking SEEN you if they’re still into your P or V? What’s the meaning of this SEEN shit? Are they over with everything? That’s just it?

Well, I know. Those are the things that pops in our mind whenever they don’t message us back or just putting us into the seen zone. So, if they’re going to do that… control that bitchiness because they’re so not interested anymore.

Second Shitty Sign!

From fucking SEEN-zoned to being blocked on their social media accounts. Why? Well, maybe because their shitty ass realized that they already wanted a serious relationship, or maybe they are already into a relationship and their shitty ass is afraid that their partners will find out.

Third Shitty Sign!

If you bump into each other, they’re gonna act that they don’t know you. I mean, YOU BOTH NEVER MET EACH OTHER. How fucking cool is that? If they can disappear right there and then, they would absolutely do it just to avoid your shitty ass.

Fourth Shitty Sign!

They’re gonna say every shitty shit about you with everyone. Wow! Are they that desperate to destroy you? Well, if they’re gonna do that, tell their face “you didn’t even make me cum”! Let’s see who will be the laughing stock? 

Make sure though, that you really gave them a great time so you’re not the one who’s gonna lose. Lol

Fifth Shitty Sign!

You’re dead to them. You did not exist. It’s just a one night stand. They’ve already moved on. You’re just dead.

I know some may had an attachment to their FUBU and having a hard time moving on, but keep in mind that you need to. For now, these signs are just applicable to them, but time will come that you are the one who’s already doing all these shitty signs and you’re just gonna laugh at it.

(credits to the image owner)


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