Let’s Talk About **x, Baby!

Who doesn’t love sex here?




I mean, who the fuck doesn’t love sex!? Everyone loves sex. You can never deny the fact that it’s considered as one of the BASIC needs in the society. Come on!

Sex is life. Admit it! I kinda feel bad for those people who will never have sex in their whole life or doesn’t believe that sex is life. What the fuck, right? Anyways, that’s their belief so let’s just respect it but still, what the fuck?

Can you still remember the day you’ve lost your virginity? It’s fucked up right? Still young and stupid and doesn’t know how sex really works. However, that’s where it all started. That was the moment you were introduced to the beauty of life… I mean fucking.

Now, try to compare it with your recent sex activity (wow and lol) It’s way too different, right? Unless the one you had sex with is still a virgin cause that’s hell of a fucked up sex… again!

Some loves sex because they feel like they’re loved. I mean, with all the kissing and mmm-ing and “baby, I love you” you will totally feel that there’s a connection between you and your partner. Even though there’s not. So never ever assume!

You may find this blog offensive or nasty or shitty, but I don’t give a shit. I mean, this is the real shit that is going on right now and even some of you that is reading this will totally agree with me. Right?

Now, who wants to have sex?
(credits to the image owner)


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