Moving On Is Not A Bad Thing

To the men and women who can’t move on from their past, you should start pulling your shit altogether or no one else will.

Neither your ex will come back in your life nor ask you to come back in their life because your shitty story together is fucking done as fuck. Move on mi amigo, it’s fucking over.

You may say “I can’t because I love him/her.” Dude, you need to kiss my ass for saying that. What do you mean love? Are you serious? Do you know what love is? Love is you should have never broke up on the first place if you really love each other. Don’t bullshit me!

I know it’s hard but don’t be too hard on yourself. There are a lot of fishes in the sea who wants to be with you so don’t keep on following the same fish over and over again especially if it doesn’t want you to catch his/her ass. Try to look for a different fish and this time, make sure it’s the best one.

Okay, for the sake of argument, let’s say you win him/her back. Do you think it’s gonna work this time? Do you think he/she will stay this time? Are you fucking sure that you’re not gonna fight on the same thing that caused your break up? Are you really going to be happy, you dumbass?

Moving on from the past is the hardest. Yes, it is! I can say it because I’ve been there. Cry myself all night. Getting drunk as fuck. Being shitty emo. I did everything just to forget my ex and trust me, I made it. Major rule? Never ever think that he/she is the only person who can make you happy. Never! Ever!

My friend, once you’ve passed the moving on stage, it will be a total relief for you. And you will definitely thank him/her for making your ass strong. You should totally be thankful because you didn’t end up with someone who don’t deserve your love. Give it to someone worthy. Don’t be a fool.

You can do this! Just fucking believe that you can fucking do it! Fucking move on and fucking forget everything. You know what? Alcohol is a big help, sometimes. Wink!
(credits to the image owner)


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