Marriage (POV)

A lot of youngsters nowadays are getting married just because they feel like they’re running out of time or their parents told them so or the very common reason… they got pregnant.

I know some believes that marriage should go first before you go into the intimate part of the relationship, but what if you got her pregnant even before marriage? Is getting married really necessary?

In some culture, yes will always be the answer. However, if you’re gonna ask me, a fucked up one, Ima say NO. I mean, if you’re not yet ready especially with your young age, why would you get your ass into a VERY serious shit?

How about those things you still want to do? Your fucking bucket list! Are you just gonna throw that away? Wait, do you even know yourself completely? Are you seriously sure that you wanted to tie the knot already? Say bye bye to the parties? Drinks? Are you damn shitty sure?

I’m not against those people whose asses wants to settle down on a very young age or have settled down already. Nah! What I mean is why not try to get to know each other DEEPER especially now that both of you are going to have a baby? 

Yeah, I mean just try to live together first and check how’s he as a father. Or, if you are into LGBT community, check how’s he/she as a mother/father, you know what I’m saying? I know it doesn’t make a shitty sense but just try to understand it.

Getting married is never easy. Well, I can say that because that’s what I shitty see in the society. Unless, you both have a good fucking job, have a fucking savings or any shit that could help your asses. But what if there’s none?

Speaking of the society, you may think that you need to get married after you found out that you’re pregnant because they may think that you’re a slut who just had sex with a random guy. Marriage will somehow save you from shame, right?

Mi amigo, if you’re going to think about what they’re saying rather than what you feel then you are really into a serious deep shit. Think about it a thousand times.




Actually, a trillion times!

(credit to the image owner)


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