Why Do You Need A Chubby Girlfriend?

This is the most common question that every single fucking guy gets, especially those who are so choosy when it comes to choosing their girlfriend. 

So, worry no more cause here are the fucking reasons why you need a fucking chubby girlfriend.

BIG BOOBS Don’t even start me with this. Their chubbiness is a big factor why they got those perfect delish tits. Would you rather squeeze a bony one or the stress-ball-like one. It’s your decision, but just a suggestion, choose the second one.

BOUNCY ASS Okay, I may not have the perfect shaped ass but it’s still bouncy and that goes with other sexy chubby ladies out there. Damn! Can you imagine yourself whipping those ass? 

HUGGABLE Dude, no need to further explain this shit. I mean, if you have a chubby girlfriend, worry no more for cold nights cause their thick arms and thighs are the perfect pillows. What are you going to expect? Horny nights for sure.

SQUEEZY I’m not sure if this word exists, but everything about them, from head to toe, is squeezy as fuck. Gosh, try to picture squeezing their tummy right now. It’s like squeezing those balls right? 

CUTE Last but not the least, of course, they’re the cutest. Look at those chubby cheeks and cute smile. Dude! You got everything you want!

I’m not saying that those skinny ones are no good, but this blog is somehow a help for those guys who are having a hard time deciding if they’re gonna get a chubby one or not. Spread love.




And legs cause it’s fuck time!

(credits to the image owner)


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