Mamas Boy

She woke up because of an annoying loud ringing tone from an unknown number. Who the fuck is out of his/her mind trying to call someone at 7 AM??

Then a sudden flashback hits…

Let’s talk about Mamas boys. Dude, they are the sweetest and the nicest. You would totally want to hangout with these type of guys because they will treat you like their beloved mum… with sex, of course.

Sweetest? Why? How? Every moment with them is heaven. They’re gonna hold your hand, say horny-ish stuff, squeeze your arms, caress those legs, and even kiss your cheeks. Wait, sweet means being a total maniac, for some.

Hell yeah, they are the nicest person in the world. They will make sure that you are comfortable, happy and always have a glowing smile whenever you’re with them. They’re just too perfect for your ass.

They are also very self-conscious. They always want to look good to the point that you would ask yourself if they are straight or not, cause guess what? They got beauty products with them and yes, expect them to be so good fucking looking guys. How lovely?

Those are some great things you will totally notice about mamas boys. The shitty bad thing? Some of them has a very judgemental mum. If their mum doesn’t like your ass, then you’re in a deep shit. It will never ever change. The last thing you want to do is to make their mum your mother-in-law because you are so fucked.

They will call their beloved son anywhere and anytime. Well, we can’t blame them especially if the guy you’re dating is their only son or because they’re just being a mum to their son but dude, it’s so hassle as fucking fuck.

So what if you’re in a hotel room and he’s about to insert those D in your P and their mum suddenly called? I know you’re thinking that they can’t say things like “Uhm, I’m in a hotel room mum. Just trying to have sex. Call you later. Love you”! However, that’s usually what happens. WHAT THE FUCK?

The phone is ringing again. Someone answered it. A mad lady spoke.

” If my son is there, tell him to go home. You can’t blame me because I’m a mum. I understand that you guys are into drinking beer, but this is his first time not going home. Where is my so—”

She turn off the phone and looks at the guy beside him who just woke up from his peaceful sleep and say “Another round?”

(credits to the image owner)


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