PH x UK ( Love Travels)

To my beloved, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for the patience and love you let me feel

2 years and counting, just wow. I never thought I’ll love someone again so much, I would give you my whole life

You’re the one I want to be with forever; the one I want to have kids with, 1… 2… 3… It’s up to you my love

You’re the one I wanna make cheese sticks with while you’re watching your favorite football match

You’re the one I want to drink beer with, because I know if I get drunk you will always have my back 

You’re my favorite blonde and not to mention, I would die for those beautiful blue eyes

You’re the guy I want to travel the world with, anywhere with you will be forever cherished

Babe, I’m so in love with you and just you. My heart beats for you and hope you feel the same way too

I know there are times that we feel like giving up because of the distance between us but please don’t. We’ll get through this my love

I’m just gonna dream for now cause it’s night time here. Hope you’re enjoying your beautiful day. ❤
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Types Of Guys You Should Never Fall In Love With

Ladies, I cannot blame you all if you easily fall in love with someone. However, for the love of god, here are the types of guys we should never ever fall in love with or we are so fucked.

The Fuckboys – Here we fucking go again with the fuckboys. Bitch, if you’re dating a fucking fuckboy right now, you better stop it. I know they’re good in bed and I know they’re sweet but they’re just doing that for their D to be in your P. Got it?

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – Bitch, if you think that he’ll forget about his ex just because you are there for him, you better slap the shit out of you especially if that guy you’re dating is so fucking DEVOTED to his ex girlfriend. He will always remember her. Always! And you? Oh yeah, a fucking rebound!

The Mama’s Boy – One of my previous blogs talks about the mama’s boy. Bitch, I personally hate them. Why? Just read my blog about them and I bet you’ll totally agree with me. Keep it low!

The “Perfect” One – Not all perfect are perfect. I don’t know if that make sense but perfect guys usually changes you. Is it a bad thing? No, if you want the changes they’re doing with you. And fucking yes, if it’s hella making you forget who you are. Bitch, a guy will love you no matter how piece of shit you are. No need to change yourself just to meet their expectations and the people around them. Fuck them!

The Addict – Bitch, do I even need to explain this? I know what you’re thinking. “I’ll change him. He’ll change. I love him the way he is”! Bitch, I don’t know what to name it but it’s not love. Never. If you love someone, you’ll tell them what’s good and bad. Not supporting the bad to make them feel better and hiding the truth to make them feel better as well. Wake up!

The Cheater Asshole – Oh gosh! My blood just fucking boiled. I hate cheaters! And bitch, if you think that your boyfriend is already cheating on you, trust your instinct because it’s goddamn right. Why would you fucking date a cheater if there are a lot of fishes in the sea! Why a fucking cheater? Bitch, move on!

The One Who Doesn’t Love You – Burn! I think you’ll definitely know if someone loves you or not. Bitch, if he can’t love you back, smile and walk away like a fucking queen.

I’m sorry if I keep on calling you all a bitch, my ladies. I know what I’ve written here is not for all, but what I’m just trying to say is that you are fucking precious like a diamond. You’re a decision to be made, not an option.
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Things To Do If You’re Missing Someone

One of the worst feelings is to miss someone and you can’t do anything about it. I know how you feel so that’s why I came up with these shitty things to do if you’re missing your special someone. 

Get A Fucking Rebound – This is applicable to all my hoes and fuck boys out there. Just kidding. Well, getting a rebound doesn’t always mean cheating. At least for me. Uhm… Well… Technically, it is a form of cheating. So fuck this one. It’s up to your ass if you’re gonna follow this or not.

Sleep Just Like Sleeping Beauty – Missing someone + getting some sleep = a hella goddamn great sleep. Admit it! The other good things? You might be able to see them in your dreams + no more missing-them-shit. Fuck, I’m sleeping after this blog.

Fucking Eat – Desserts. Desserts. Desserts. Dude, if you’re missing someone, grab a motherfucking ice cream and shove it to your mouth. Just kidding. But yeah, you might want to grab some sweets. Wink!

Drink Like A German – Hell yeah! If you don’t wanna eat, call your friends and ask them to drink with you. However, if you don’t want some noise, grab that hella cold beer and start drinking it. Oh man! Now, I’m thirsty. 

Have Sex  Well. Uhm… Next.

Let Your Partner Know – Mi amigo, letting someone know that you miss them will not kill you. So, grab your fucking phone and tell him/her “Hey! I Miss You!” and if they don’t reply, well fuck them. Maybe they’re too busy. 

I don’t know if these things are helpful or not. Either way, I don’t give a fuck. Just try to fix your shit all together and stop missing someone who don’t even deserved to be missed. Fuck!

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Sweet Dreams

Hello my love, how’s your heart?

Is it still hurting from your past?

Hun, why don’t you give me a chance?

I’m gonna try to fix it even though it’s going to be hard.

Why can’t you move on from her?

Why don’t you let go of the things that hurts you the most?

Do you still love her? Or are you afraid that you might get hurt again?

Don’t! I promise, I’ll always catch you even though you will never fall

Baby, smile cause I’m here

I promise there will be no more tears

I’m gonna kiss those sweet lips from time to time

Now dont be afraid to close those beautiful eyes

Cause tomorrow I’ll still be here on your side. I love you.

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Tips For An Awesome Sex On The Phone

Long distance relationship shit is the hardest. Why? Well, aside from not seeing each other, you also can’t have sex because your partner is as far as shit from you.

Sex on the phone is one of the best alternative to show your partner that you really adore, like and love them… and want to fuck them like a beast. I don’t know why I wrote beast tho?

So, here are the best tips on how to make your sex on the phone activity more fucking intense and as real as fuck.

Moan like it’s your last day on earth. Both men and women loves moaning, even though women fakes it most of the time. Yes, we fake it most of the time to satisfy those D… I mean ears. Or D?

Don’t be shy to say “fuck me hard” “fuck harder” “yeah. fuck. baby!” “holy fuck!” “fuck” and “fuck you!” in front of the camera because that’s like heaven to your partner. It’s like licking men’s dick head or hitting women’s G-spot.

Am I right or am I right? Damn!

Don’t be afraid to show those strong magical tongue (my favorite) to your partner. Dude, that would make both of you wet as fuck! Especially with the girls.

For the gents, act as if you’re licking those pussy (well that’s if you know how to) and for the ladies, suck the shit out of those fingers (I prefer the thumb) as if your sucking those dick. 

This is not a fucking “I am shy show” rather a fucking sex on the phone!

Show them tits and pussy for the ladies, and show them fucking dick for the gentlemen. Man, who would hate to see those fucking lovely creations of god? 

By showing them creations, it doesn’t mean showing them plain. Act as if you’re both a pornstar. Be creative! I know it doesn’t make sense, but again… THIS IS A FUCKING SEX ON THE PHONE!

Ladies and gentlemen, masturbate like a professional. This would totally make each one of you wild in front of the camera especially if you’re gonna do it together.

The no-nos? Don’t leave one of you hanging. That means, if you’re done with your shit and your partner is still masturbating, wait for him/her to finish.

Don’t be a fucking asshole! Make them cum too!

I know you have your own way of having sex on the phone and I don’t give a fuck. So if you want to reach me, dial 1-800-SEX-ON-THE-PHONE and we’ll both have a great time, you motherfucker!

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