Types Of Guys You Should Never Fall In Love With

Ladies, I cannot blame you all if you easily fall in love with someone. However, for the love of god, here are the types of guys we should never ever fall in love with or we are so fucked.

The Fuckboys – Here we fucking go again with the fuckboys. Bitch, if you’re dating a fucking fuckboy right now, you better stop it. I know they’re good in bed and I know they’re sweet but they’re just doing that for their D to be in your P. Got it?

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – Bitch, if you think that he’ll forget about his ex just because you are there for him, you better slap the shit out of you especially if that guy you’re dating is so fucking DEVOTED to his ex girlfriend. He will always remember her. Always! And you? Oh yeah, a fucking rebound!

The Mama’s Boy – One of my previous blogs talks about the mama’s boy. Bitch, I personally hate them. Why? Just read my blog about them and I bet you’ll totally agree with me. Keep it low!

The “Perfect” One – Not all perfect are perfect. I don’t know if that make sense but perfect guys usually changes you. Is it a bad thing? No, if you want the changes they’re doing with you. And fucking yes, if it’s hella making you forget who you are. Bitch, a guy will love you no matter how piece of shit you are. No need to change yourself just to meet their expectations and the people around them. Fuck them!

The Addict – Bitch, do I even need to explain this? I know what you’re thinking. “I’ll change him. He’ll change. I love him the way he is”! Bitch, I don’t know what to name it but it’s not love. Never. If you love someone, you’ll tell them what’s good and bad. Not supporting the bad to make them feel better and hiding the truth to make them feel better as well. Wake up!

The Cheater Asshole – Oh gosh! My blood just fucking boiled. I hate cheaters! And bitch, if you think that your boyfriend is already cheating on you, trust your instinct because it’s goddamn right. Why would you fucking date a cheater if there are a lot of fishes in the sea! Why a fucking cheater? Bitch, move on!

The One Who Doesn’t Love You – Burn! I think you’ll definitely know if someone loves you or not. Bitch, if he can’t love you back, smile and walk away like a fucking queen.

I’m sorry if I keep on calling you all a bitch, my ladies. I know what I’ve written here is not for all, but what I’m just trying to say is that you are fucking precious like a diamond. You’re a decision to be made, not an option.
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Sweet Dreams

Hello my love, how’s your heart?

Is it still hurting from your past?

Hun, why don’t you give me a chance?

I’m gonna try to fix it even though it’s going to be hard.

Why can’t you move on from her?

Why don’t you let go of the things that hurts you the most?

Do you still love her? Or are you afraid that you might get hurt again?

Don’t! I promise, I’ll always catch you even though you will never fall

Baby, smile cause I’m here

I promise there will be no more tears

I’m gonna kiss those sweet lips from time to time

Now dont be afraid to close those beautiful eyes

Cause tomorrow I’ll still be here on your side. I love you.

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No To Fuck Boys?

Can everyone remember what rule number 1 is?




That’s right! Never ever fall in love especially if he’s a total fuck boy. However, what if you’re already falling to his charms? Smile? Eyes? You never want the “just friends” status but you want him to be your “the one”.

Girl, if you’re one of those girls who’s starting to fall in love with a fuck boy then you need to start slapping the shit outta you right now because you’re in a deep shit.

How could you fall for a FUCK BOY? Bitch, they’re just fucking your life up. Like literally. They are only showing their sweet gentleman side because they need those vagina. Not you!

Well, for the sake of argument, you both tried to give it a shot. He left his girlfriend, he’s yours. Do you think you can trust his ass? That he’s not gonna do the things that he did with his X-girlfriend while both of you were still FUBUs? 

No right? The bad thing about us bitches is that we tend to believe to the shitty illusion that we will be able to change those fuck boys. That he’s gonna change for you and for your shitty so called relationship. Well, that’s never gonna happen bitch. Never!

Keep in mind that fuck boys are afraid of commitment so you can never force them to love you in just a snap of a finger or a blink of an eye. You would really need to earn it. Fuck!

If you really can’t help it, maybe try looking for a rebound or at least try to ignore him. Let’s see if he’s gonna run after you or your vagina. If he did…




Just make sure to suck those balls.
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Rant! Rant! Rant!

You know what’s the shitty feeling aside from waking up with a hangover? Yes, that’s falling in love. I mean, it’s not bad thing if you fall for the right person but what if you always fall for the wrong one. Like the super wrong one.

Whether we admit it or not, most of us are so in love with the idea of love and whether we admit it or not we usually fall for those shitty bad guys or bad bitches out there. Why? Well, let’s just say they have a sweet-coated tongue that make us believe everything they say even though we know the fact that they’re the bad ones and they’re lying.

Those wrong people that we fall into are the one who gives us the fairytale-typed idea of love. I would never leave you. I would catch the stars for you. You’re my one and only. You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Okay! Bullshit! We know that’s shitty bullshit right there but we believe it because it’s just beautiful. It feels so real. Right?

So, the shitty time came… and they left. After they’ve said that they can never live without us, they just left us like shit. Is that how love works on those shitty people who don’t feel anything but shittyness? They’re gonna love you for a week or two and leave you after? What the fuck was that? Well, we hope that you can NEVER live without the person you just left, you ahole. Die!




Kidding. Well, let karma slap the shit out of them!

We are not getting any younger. I admit I’m shitty sometimes but I’m also longing for a real love. I believed you feel the same. So, keep in mind that the next that you will fall in love, make sure it’s the right one and the last one. Don’t fall for those shitty sweet words or flowers and chocolates easily. Why? Our body also has a limitations for bullshit so have pity on yourself.
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