Things To Do If You’re Missing Someone

One of the worst feelings is to miss someone and you can’t do anything about it. I know how you feel so that’s why I came up with these shitty things to do if you’re missing your special someone. 

Get A Fucking Rebound – This is applicable to all my hoes and fuck boys out there. Just kidding. Well, getting a rebound doesn’t always mean cheating. At least for me. Uhm… Well… Technically, it is a form of cheating. So fuck this one. It’s up to your ass if you’re gonna follow this or not.

Sleep Just Like Sleeping Beauty – Missing someone + getting some sleep = a hella goddamn great sleep. Admit it! The other good things? You might be able to see them in your dreams + no more missing-them-shit. Fuck, I’m sleeping after this blog.

Fucking Eat – Desserts. Desserts. Desserts. Dude, if you’re missing someone, grab a motherfucking ice cream and shove it to your mouth. Just kidding. But yeah, you might want to grab some sweets. Wink!

Drink Like A German – Hell yeah! If you don’t wanna eat, call your friends and ask them to drink with you. However, if you don’t want some noise, grab that hella cold beer and start drinking it. Oh man! Now, I’m thirsty. 

Have Sex  Well. Uhm… Next.

Let Your Partner Know – Mi amigo, letting someone know that you miss them will not kill you. So, grab your fucking phone and tell him/her “Hey! I Miss You!” and if they don’t reply, well fuck them. Maybe they’re too busy. 

I don’t know if these things are helpful or not. Either way, I don’t give a fuck. Just try to fix your shit all together and stop missing someone who don’t even deserved to be missed. Fuck!

(credits to the image owner)