Tips For An Awesome Sex On The Phone

Long distance relationship shit is the hardest. Why? Well, aside from not seeing each other, you also can’t have sex because your partner is as far as shit from you.

Sex on the phone is one of the best alternative to show your partner that you really adore, like and love them… and want to fuck them like a beast. I don’t know why I wrote beast tho?

So, here are the best tips on how to make your sex on the phone activity more fucking intense and as real as fuck.

Moan like it’s your last day on earth. Both men and women loves moaning, even though women fakes it most of the time. Yes, we fake it most of the time to satisfy those D… I mean ears. Or D?

Don’t be shy to say “fuck me hard” “fuck harder” “yeah. fuck. baby!” “holy fuck!” “fuck” and “fuck you!” in front of the camera because that’s like heaven to your partner. It’s like licking men’s dick head or hitting women’s G-spot.

Am I right or am I right? Damn!

Don’t be afraid to show those strong magical tongue (my favorite) to your partner. Dude, that would make both of you wet as fuck! Especially with the girls.

For the gents, act as if you’re licking those pussy (well that’s if you know how to) and for the ladies, suck the shit out of those fingers (I prefer the thumb) as if your sucking those dick. 

This is not a fucking “I am shy show” rather a fucking sex on the phone!

Show them tits and pussy for the ladies, and show them fucking dick for the gentlemen. Man, who would hate to see those fucking lovely creations of god? 

By showing them creations, it doesn’t mean showing them plain. Act as if you’re both a pornstar. Be creative! I know it doesn’t make sense, but again… THIS IS A FUCKING SEX ON THE PHONE!

Ladies and gentlemen, masturbate like a professional. This would totally make each one of you wild in front of the camera especially if you’re gonna do it together.

The no-nos? Don’t leave one of you hanging. That means, if you’re done with your shit and your partner is still masturbating, wait for him/her to finish.

Don’t be a fucking asshole! Make them cum too!

I know you have your own way of having sex on the phone and I don’t give a fuck. So if you want to reach me, dial 1-800-SEX-ON-THE-PHONE and we’ll both have a great time, you motherfucker!

(credits to the image owner)